Animal Hope Varna

This site is created to connect people with different abilities, but with a same cause. To help the animals in trouble and find followers in Varna and other towns. People united under the idea of A Life without pain for the homeless and suffering on the streets animals can here find soulmates, share expirience or find help. To organize and unite the people in your town, to accept this as their own cause and with United Efforts maybe we will succeed to change the cruel reality in out country more successfully. The site will contain information mostly about Varna as a town, for the vet service in the town and the opportunities for help in different situations, but will welcome information for other towns, too as an exchange of experience and mutual aid as far as possible. Make site about your town, too, lets build a web of pages in the whole country to show that we can be united and help each other. Because THEY are out there- on the street, in the shelters, on the roads… tortured, hungry, suffering, sick, hit… HOMELESS! Lets reach hands and unite under the idea of mutual aid!

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Animal Hope Varna

Donate for our animals, they need your HELP!

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